How smoking affects men's potency: cigarettes, weed, hookah, vape

Smoking and potency are mutually exclusive concepts. A particular danger of the toxic substances in tobacco is that they do not work immediately. Over time, they accumulate in the smoker's body and imperceptibly but irrevocably affect the quality of sex life. As a result, the libido decreases, the potency deteriorates, the sexual relationship is shortened, and the orgasm loses its sharpness.

The composition of tobacco and the consequences of smoking on the human body

Impotence caused by smoking occurs much more often than in the background of diseases. It is naive to think that nicotine alone harms male potency. Tobacco smoke contains a huge amount of substances and compounds that have the most negative effect on potency:

  1. The main ingredient is nicotine. It causes the strongest addiction, stimulates the synthesis of adrenaline and dopamine (the pleasure hormone). The person is in the mood for a good event, energy and pleasant excitement appear. At the same time, nicotine reduces vascular tone, a spasm occurs, which disrupts blood flow. The blood circulation problem leads to insufficient filling of the penile vessels with blood and a weak erection.
  2. Lead and cadmium negatively affect the condition of blood vessels. Heavy metals destroy the vessel walls, clogging them with atherosclerotic plaques. Fragile, "clogged" vessels cannot be filled with blood in the required quantity, which is why again a weak, sluggish erection.
  3. The presence of phenol leads to shortness of breath and rapid loss of strength. The reason for this is unstable potency, short-term sex. In some cases, an erection does not occur at all.
  4. The toxic methane gas released during smoking causes poisoning (headache, nausea, joint pain). This state is directly reflected in potency. Methane causes short-term erections when the penis loses its hardness during or before intercourse.

In addition, smoking slows down the production of testosterone. This leads to a decrease in libido, a deterioration in potency, and a weakening of sensory sensations during intimacy.

The negative effect on potency occurs regardless of the type of tobacco. Menthol cigarettes have the same negative effect on men's erectile function as regular cigarettes.

Does smoking affect sperm quality?

The negative effect of smoking on men's potency is manifested not only in weak erection, but also affects the reproductive function, which leads to infertility. Smoking reduces the production of testosterone, which reduces the quality and quantity of the ejaculate (sperm). This is facilitated by the direct effect of toxic substances on the male testicles.

Weak erectile function and reduced sexual activity also directly affect the synthesis of male hormones - the less often you have sex, the less testosterone is produced. As a result, the male smoker produces less ejaculate, which is more watery and liquid in consistency.

There is a significant amount of "lazy", inactive sperm in the semen. The presence of cells capable of fertilization is minimal.

Long-term effects of smoking on men

If we know the effect of cigarettes on potency, we can easily understand the connection between impotence, infertility and smoking. First, a man who smokes has a worse erection, then sexual impotence and inability to conceive. In the future, the condition will be aggravated by other problems:

  • Violation of blood vessels and heart. The changed blood vessels are not filled with blood in the required amount, and the potency is very unstable even in the case of sexual excitement. In the future, failures of the cardiovascular system lead to stroke, heart attack and thrombosis.
  • Smoking affects the functioning of the respiratory system. This reduces the time of sexual intercourse, as the smoker suffers from shortness of breath, cough and weakness. Over time, chronic bronchitis develops, trachea, larynx and lung cancer develops.
  • Smoking and good potency are incompatible concepts for men. The toxic substances in tobacco smoke destroy the organs of the excretory system. The structure and function of the kidneys, bladder, ureters, and urethra are disturbed. When smoking, diseases of the pelvic organs become chronic.
  • Smoking does not only affect male potency. Tobacco toxins and volatile compounds inhibit general and local immunity, activate prostate growth, and contribute to the development of oncological diseases of the male urogenital system.
  • Erection-related problems and the impossibility of a normal sexual life lead to constant stress and disturbances in the psycho-emotional background. This is the main cause of psychological impotence.

How hookah, weed and e-cigarettes affect men's potency

All smoking has a negative impact on men's health, especially the stronger sex life.

So, when smoking a hookah, the smoke passes through the filter in the shaft of the device, in which the liquid is located. But instead of cleaning, the smoke becomes wet and "heavy", which makes it settle in the lungs more strongly than with regular smoking. In addition, the decomposition products of the tobacco mixture do not cool even in very cold liquids. When hot, they enter the smoker's body entirely.

Smoking weed (marijuana, hemp) is no less harmful. In this case, hormone production decreases rapidly. As a result - weak potency, decrease in the amount of ejaculate, violation and pain during ejaculation. Such smoking causes impotence much faster than the consumption of regular tobacco or hookah smoking mixture.

Before changing your tobacco addiction to electronic smoking (vape), it is important to know if electronic cigarettes affect potency. The main advantage of vaping is the minimal intake of nicotine. In addition, the smoker does not inhale the combustion products.

However, refill fluids for electronic devices include:

  • the strongest carcinogens (diethylene glycol, nitrosamine), the volume of which is several times that of conventional cigarettes;
  • highly toxic compound - formaldehyde.
the electronic cigarette and its effect on potency

These substances are responsible for the obvious harm of electronic cigarettes. Regular use of vape negatively affects potency, leads to serious poisoning and the development of oncology.

The effect of cigarettes on potency: statistics

How smoking affects potency is most clearly shown by statistics:

  • Smoking (more than 1 pack per day) leads to impotence in 80% of male smokers.
  • When smoking more than 5 cigarettes a day, the potency immediately decreases by 20% compared to the actual sexual capabilities of a given man.
  • Many smokers experienced unstable erections (in 20% of cases).
  • 30% of men who smoke have shorter sex than men who are indifferent to smoking.
  • 15% of smokers experience less intense orgasms than non-smoking men.
  • Pain during ejaculation is observed in 5% of men who smoke heavily.

Stress and potency related to smoking cessation

If you give up any habit, the body is under severe stress. It's the same with smoking. Nicotine does not stimulate the production of dopamine and adrenaline, which results in increased anxiety and irritability. Instead, there is weakness and fatigue.

After a man quits smoking, he is accompanied by sleepiness, lethargy, and sexual desire decreases to a minimum. That is why we often hear disturbing stories from people who quit smoking that the potency immediately disappeared. There is no need to be afraid of this condition - it is a temporary phenomenon.

During the first week of quitting smoking, the body only strives for healing: poisons and chemical compounds are eliminated, the tone of the vascular system gradually normalizes, and the production of sex hormones stabilizes. This happens gradually. The smoker's body is very weakened, in the first week or two all its strength is directed to restoring the work of all systems and organs, so it seems that the potency has significantly deteriorated or completely disappeared.

In fact, the consequences of potency after quitting smoking are only positive. As soon as the synthesis of the sex hormone stabilizes, the work of all systems and organs normalizes - the erection fully returns.

Conditions for restoring potency after quitting smoking

It is important for every man whether potency is restored after quitting smoking. Yes, sexual function is guaranteed to improve after a man quits smoking. The first changes can be noticed 2 weeks after giving up bad habits, but the erection may still be unstable.

a man with poor potency due to smoking

In the first week, the weakened potency does not normalize - during this period, the natural production of sex hormones is just beginning to stabilize, as well as the state of the vascular system.

The potency is fully restored only after 1-2 months. After this time, a man who has given up addiction will be satisfied with a strong and stable erection, prolonged sex and a lively orgasm. More sexual relations become available (up to 5 times a day), the recovery time after each intimacy is 30-120 minutes.

It significantly improves the quality and quantity of the ejaculate. Studies of sperm have shown that after a man stops smoking, the number of active sperm capable of fertilizing an egg increases. According to statistics, in couples who have been trying unsuccessfully for years to conceive a child, a woman becomes pregnant as early as 2-3 months after her partner stops smoking.

Smoking negatively affects potency, it destroys men's health every day. With the rejection of addiction, the prospects are the most positive - restoration of erection, bright and prolonged sexual intercourse, the possibility of conception.