Potency enhancement

Improving potency is a serious problem in andrological practice. Therapy can only be performed properly if all the causes that led to poor erection, erectile dysfunction, or impotence are clarified. All methods can be divided into conservative, surgical and invasive.

psychotherapy to improve potency


Psychotherapy belongs to a separate group. This problem is often successfully resolved by the urologist or andrologist during appointment, patient examination, and examination. The most common causes of erectile dysfunction are phobias and fear of failure, which can be easily eliminated in a doctor-patient conversation. In many situations, communication is required not only with a man but also with a partner to better understand the causes of the pathology. A good effect can be achieved by using the methods of sexual therapy, but in Hungary this treatment method is practically not developed.

conservative methods

Conservative treatments include the use of topical formulations. However, their use is limited because the protein membrane of the male reproductive system prevents drugs from penetrating the penis. Some effect can be achieved with intraurethral administration of prostaglandin E1.

Among the methods of local therapy, it is worth mentioning the various external devices and vacuum systems. After the erection begins, special rings can be used to compress the base of the penis and reduce venous outflow. These tools are practically not used in the current state of medicine. A good way to improve potency is to use a vacuum system that is based on creating negative pressure in the chamber in which the penis is inserted, leading to increased blood flow and an erection.

Of the many drugs currently used to treat erectile dysfunction, phosphodiesterase type V inhibitors have the maximal effect. Incorporation of these funds leads to dilation of the lumen of the blood vessels in the penis, which contributes to an increased blood supply and the development of a stable erection. The effects of drugs are only possible in cases of sexual arousal. If you are not planning to have sex, there is no point in taking pills.

Invasive methods

Among the invasive therapies for erectile dysfunction, the direct delivery of vasoactive substances to cavernous bodies is widely used. In the first stage, this is done by the doctor, after training the patient can do it himself. This potency-enhancing method has a good effect on neurogenic disorders as well as changes in the arterial circulation of the penis. Among the complications, the possibility of priapism and, in the case of prolonged use, fibrous lesions of cavernous bodies should be noted.

Methods for surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction vary, and may include surgical procedures on the venous system, arteries, and methods of penile prosthesis.