Male stimulants

Excited man with woman after using aphrodisiac drugs

What do men like to be most proud of? Of course with their success in bed. But sometimes men have problems with potency. They can appear at any age. Most often, this leads to the fact that the intimate life of the couple is violated and the man retreats into himself, doubts and disturbances appear. But don’t panic because there are many problems in the modern world. Learn more about aphrodisiacs for men.

Exciting pills for men

Permanent intimate life and regular sex are directly dependent on the blood flow to the male genitalia, which is called an erection in medicine. To improve this, many doctors and even men themselves are advised to take pills. They have the following effects:

  • dilate blood vessels, thereby improving the blood supply to the male genitalia;
  • relax the soft muscles responsible for excitement;
  • relaxes the nervous system, relieves anger, anxiety and irritation.

The duration of an erection depends on the dose of the medicine. But before taking the pills, be sure to consult your doctor or read the instructions, as many "heroes" want to prolong their erections, not to mention that this is a big burden on the heart.

It should be clarified that no medicine gives a 100% guarantee and it is often the case that tablets do not work for some reason. The most common reasons for this are malnutrition and alcohol consumption. Therefore, before using such a tablet, you should exclude a lot of fatty foods and alcohol from your diet.

There are several contraindications to the use of tablets:

  1. recurrent diseases of the heart and blood vessels that are chronic.
  2. can be used at a young age before the age of 18.
  3. tendency to increase pressure, dizziness and cramps.

Nevertheless, exciting pills rank first in the ranking of aphrodisiacs because they are affordable and work great in most cases, providing unforgettable sex.

Exciting drops for men

Exciting drops made for men have a very quick effect. Their advantage is that they are based on a collection of herbs that act as an aphrodisiac for men. Most commonly, the essential ingredients in exciting drops are ginger and nutmeg.

Such a drug should be used for about 6 drops (it all depends on the dosage, be sure to read the instructions). They can be taken with any liquid. Many drops are brown in color and have an herbal scent, but when mixed with any beverage, they lose their color and scent.

Be sure to read the instructions, check the expiration date and follow the rules for storing drops before use. It is advisable to store an open bottle in a cool place. For best results, remember a few simple rules:

  1. Be sure to consult your doctor.
  2. You should not take drops if a man has heart problems, nervous system ailments and mental disorders.
  3. It is best to take the drops on an empty stomach or after eating fast-digesting foods (vegetables, fruits, chicken).
  4. Before using the drops, it is best not to eat fatty and sugary foods as they interfere with the absorption of the medicine.
Exciting drops instantly increase a man’s potency

Creams for men

The peculiarities of the creams are that they act gently on the skin and immediately increase the tendency to orgasm. In addition, the cream helps to prolong the erection and achieve maximum enjoyment.

Applying the cream is very easy. To do this, apply a lot to the penis and rub with massaging movements. Wait 5-6 minutes for the cream to absorb (after which the man can put on a condom). The price of such a drug will be quite high, but according to reviews, the effect is immediate and not waiting. The price is also justified by the fact that such a cream lasts long enough because it takes enough to improve an erection.

Store the energizing cream in a cool, dry place if possible. Keep out of reach of children. Such a cream helps to brighten your intimate life and make sex unforgettable.

Exciting gels for men

The principle of using exciting gels is exactly the same as for creams. The secret of the gel is the use of essential oils that cause blood flow and arousal in the genitals. Anyway, the excitement comes very quickly, 3 minutes after use. Many doctors advise that gels cheer up intimate life. To improve the effect, it is recommended to use gels not only for men but also for women.

Exciting gels are especially popular, to which special oils are added, which can put a person in the right mood. It is not recommended to buy menthol and other "spicy" exciting gels as many complain of burning and swelling.

In fact, the opinions of men using exciting gels are somewhat divided. Some say they achieved the desired effect, while others were dissatisfied with it. Often, the gel does not work at all and only complicates the process, making it less pleasant. The choice is yours!

Oils that stimulate men

The seducers of men's hearts knew in ancient times how to put a man in the right mood. Various vegetable and flower oils were used for this purpose. Men are very sensitive to odors, so there are scents that give a 100% guarantee that the evening will end successfully.

  • Rose petals and sandalwood oil are very potent aphrodisiacs that instantly arouse a man (used by ancient Roman women).
  • The scent of orange and citrus inspires the man to exploit and inspires confidence in the partner because it evokes a sense of calm and comfort.
  • Ginger character fragrance. For most men, the scent of ginger awakens a storm of emotions and passions.
  • Cedar is a proven pathogen in men. You can be sure that your night of love will be unforgettable.
  • Ylang-ylang is a universal remedy that helps to awaken all the senses, not only in men but also in women. This scent is especially strong with citrus aromas.
Flower oil stimulates people

Men's energizing spray

The main purpose of the stimulant spray is to provide greater sensitivity to the erogenous zones of the male genitals. The spray prolongs the erection and makes the orgasm much brighter. The price, of course, makes many people think, as a really worthy spray will cost a lot.

Many manufacturers believe that using a spray can be combined with using a condom. Such a spray is applied in small amounts to the head of the penis (the dose is chosen individually or prescribed by a doctor). The effect of pressing a button lasts for about 20 minutes, the more you press, the longer the effect is felt.

Some sprays even contain vitamins (B6, B12). Based on the reviews, it is quite difficult to find genuine and good quality products, so it is best to see a doctor. If this is not possible, it is best to buy products from a reputable manufacturer.

Exciting chocolate for men

Exciting chocolate has become another novelty in recent years. If in the tales the knights were enchanted with potions, in real life this can be done with the help of chocolate. And an immediate warning to every woman: you don’t have to force a man to eat the whole tile at once, a quarter is enough.

The composition of chocolate contains cocoa beans, ginseng and Chinese lemongrass, which contribute to long erections and unforgettable sex. The manufacturers of almost all such products claim that chocolate does not cause side effects and addiction. The dosage depends on the weight of the man, the more lover he needs, the more chocolate he will need.

Additional benefits of aphrodisiac:

  • pleasant dark chocolate taste and aroma, which makes it difficult to distinguish the product from real chocolate;
  • can be used in any situation;
  • 30 minutes after consuming chocolate, sexual activity increases, lasting up to 8 hours!

Exciting chewing gum for men

Exciting chewing gum for men is not a myth at all, but a reality. Most manufacturers recommend using it 3 minutes before intercourse. Accordingly, it guarantees an immediate effect. Opinions of men who used this drug were equally divided. Some have argued that there is an effect, while others have denied this fact.

Chewing gum contains special herbs that have a relaxing and aphrodisiac effect on the male body. Consumption of such chewing gum increases potency, increases erection and orgasm, and improves a man’s endurance in bed. In addition, this drug relieves irritability and calms the nervous system. It is helpful to use chewing gum after a day of work because the fatigue is tangible and a very stormy but pleasant night is guaranteed. The price of this device is quite high. This is confirmed by the fact that the effect is obvious after using the drug.

Exciting tea for men

Many women use this trick. As many experts suggest, herbal tea works better than any potency enhancer. All you have to do is find out which herbs your loved one needs to cook.

  1. Rosehip, currant, sea buckthorn and raisin tea. You have to stick to the tea for a long time and have your sweetheart drink a glass before the planned interesting night.
  2. A mixture of rosehips and finely grated carrots. Everything is cooked in a thermos and matured for a while.
  3. Since rosehip is one of the best stimulants for humans, it is cooked with redberries in this recipe.
  4. This tea came to us from Asia from girls who were taught the art of seduction. The raisins are cooked with lemon juice, oregano and green tea.
  5. The strawberry and blueberry leaves are poured over boiling water and green tea is added. You can drink this mixture all day long and you can be sure of the effect at night.
Herbal tea - a natural aphrodisiac for men